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December 8 Show and Chat

Hi everyone. First off, apologies again for missing last week’s show due to our power outage. We’re expecting to have a show tonight, but we have had some internet connection issues over the last two days that may interfere with our schedule. If we disappear, you know our connection is out again. Otherwise – see you at 9pm tonight for our next live edition of America’s Debate Radio.

During the first hour of the show, Mike and I will cover the latest news. We will discuss the tax cuts and benefits compromise proposed by President Obama, the latest Wikileaks disclosures, and the latest jobs numbers.

Our second hour begins around 10pm eastern. We open our phones during the second and third hours to take your calls! Please Call In and discuss the topic(s) you pick. We would love to hear from you tonight.

Our chat room is open during the entire the show. Join us there any time during the evening. Our chatroom is quite fun, so don’t miss out!

Talk to you tonight! :)


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