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Furniture Design? O…..k…..a…..y….

I posted about this over at my blog (link), and I figured I’d post about it here.

I’m currently in the process of designing a custom equipment rack for all the stuff I have to monitor for the show. Right now, I currently have a microwave cart that I hacked down to size to make it fit, and I’m really looking forward to replacing it.

Right now, the way the equipment is mounted is less-than-ideal for monitoring and adjustment, and it will only get worse.

We’re currently using 5 rack spaces, and I have plans to have it up to between nine and eleven full spaces within the next six months. We’re going to outgrow our rack, and I need to start thinking about replacing it now so I don’t have to rush a replacement later.

So, here is an image of what I have come up with so far, using Google Sketchup. Check it out!

Click to Enlarge

It will hold have an adjustable mixer tray on top, a 10-space slant rack in the middle, and a 4-space vertical rack on the bottom. I’ll put it on wheels so I can roll it out of the way when not in use. It’s going to be great!


2 Responses to “Furniture Design? O…..k…..a…..y….”

  1. Jaime Says:

    You can catch a glimpse of the modded microwave cart here.

    It serves its purpose, but this new cart is going to be so much more functional.

  2. Victoria Silverwolf Says:

    Wow. Is there anything you people CAN’T do???

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