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How to Listen

AD Radio is broadcast using Shoutcast. This allows us to stream MP3 audio directly to your computer.

You can listen to AD Radio using a variety of software, including Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, and more. Specific instructions for the most common players are below.


Click here to launch the AD Radio Player.


Instructions for Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer, and most others.

Please choose your speed:

High Bandwidth 64kbps Stereo Stream

Low Bandwidth 24kbps Mono Stream

Windows Media Player

Instructions for Windows Media Player:

Windows Media Player doesn't like to play nice when it comes to MP3 streams. They will play, it just takes a couple of extra steps.

Step 1: Open Windows Media Player

Click Start -> All Program -> Windows Media Player


Step 2: Open Menu

Click File -> Open URL


Step 3: Type URL

For Broadband users, type in and click OK.

For Dial-up users, type in and click OK.