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Podcast Information

Every edition of America's Debate Radio is made available through our Podcast.

If you are already familiar with podcasts, here is our feed: RSS

If you have iTunes, click here: Subscribe Via iTunes

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that contains the most recent edition of America's Debate Radio. It is placed on the Internet for anyone to download, usually by subscribing to our podcast feed. You can download the file just as you would normally do by clicking on it. However special programs exist that will automatically download and store the podcast file until you want to listen to it.

Podcasting uses syndication technologies that allow applications to tell you when we have posted a new edition of America's Debate Radio. Through this feature you can 'subscribe' to the America's Debate Radio feed and be sure to not miss an update.

What do I need to listen?

To listen to the podcast, you will need some sort of an RSS reader. An RSS reader is a program that runs on your computer that checks our feed from time to time to see if there are any updates. If there are updates, they are automatically downloaded so you can listen to them when you want.

A lot of software includes an RSS reader, such as Mozilla FireFox and Mozilla Thunderbird. If you don't already have an RSS reader, you can find special readers geared towarads podcasts here, and you can find regular RSS readers by doing a Google search for 'rss readers'.

Where can I learn more?

You can find all sorts of information about podcasts under the Wikipedia entry for 'Podcasting'.