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If your phone plan includes unlimited long distance, please use the direct dial phone number instead of the toll free phone number. Calling the direct line helps us squeeze a little more value out of our budget.

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What happens when I call? (VERY Important)

If there is a line open when you call, your call will be immediately connected through, and you will be placed on hold. This means you are usually next in line. You should listen to the show through your phone while you are on hold.

Since the show is streamed, there is a delay between what you hear while on hold and what is coming out of your computer speakers. It is very important that you mute the audio coming out of your computer speakers as soon as your call is connected.

What else should I know?

We don't screen calls. That means that we don't know who is on the line or what they want to talk about until after the caller is on the air. Assume that you are on the air if you are talking and someone on the other end is talking back.

The phone lines usually open at around 10PM-- an hour into the show. We announce when the phone lines open during the show. If you call before the lines are open or after they close, you will either get a busy signal or get sent to voicemail.

Why is your Skype status set as 'Do Not Disturb'?

Just call, it will work. We run a custom phone system that manages more than one Skype at a time, and we have to set it as 'Do Not Disturb' to make it function properly.