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We extend our sincerest appreciation to everyone who has helped make AD Radio and America's Debate the success that it is.

In particular, we would like to thank those who have made financial contributions to help make this possible. Without financial backing, America's Debate would not be able to continue hosting the best in news, government, and political debate.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Staff of America's Debate. It takes a dedicated team of talented individuals to accomplish as much as we have, and your work is appreciated by Jaime, me, and all of our members and guests.

And last, but of course not the least, We would like to thank those who have participated in AD Radio by calling the show. We hope you had a good time, and will call again soon!

Financial Contributors

We would like to thank the following people for their generous contributions to the AD Radio Equipment Fundraiser:

Turnea · The Hot Seat
Quarkhead · Homepage
Doclotus · Doc's Rants
Bucket · Thoughts in a bucket
Victoria Silverwolf
Stefan Fargus · Stefan Fargus on Politics
Marty · Q-Mic Professional -
Paladin Elspeth
Mrs. Pigpen
Rick from ·
Crashfourit · Maverick Outlook
Fife and Drum

Musical Credits

The majority of the music you hear on AD Radio was released by the musicians themselves and downloaded from Musicians and bands release their music at, and GarageBand members rate and review the music. They have over 100,000 songs available for listening, and it is completely free.

If you want to find a song that was played on AD Radio, you can do it by clicking the archive button on the left, and locating the show that contains the song. All of the songs played during the show are listed in the Bumper/Break music section of the show summary.

AD Radio Promotional Music

A majority of the AD Radio Promotional Music is provided by Dirk Lind. Dirk, formerly of the band Baaba Seth, is a wonderful talent. Thanks Dirk!

Music Beds

Some of the music beds used on America's Debate Radio was created by Kevin MacLeod (, Onj's Bouncy Beds, and The Internet Audio Guy.

Voiceover Credits

Voiceovers for AD Radio were generously provided by the talent found at These folks have tremendous talent, and deserve your business should you find yourself in need of professional voiceovers.

In specific, we would like to thank (in alphabetical order): - A tiny division of Jerry McCrae Productions. MacBoDock on
Bob Taylor Voice Productions - Here comes the good stuff... taylormade on
Drew Hadwal Voice Overs & Productions. Drew Hadwal on
SerieSweep Productions - Imaging the world of Internet radio. SerieSweep on
Talent Voices - For all your professional voice needs. TalentVoices on