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Audio Archive - January 2006

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January 31, 2006

America's Debate Radio makes its debut. The show originally opened with a simulcast of the President's State of the Union Address (which is not included in the archive). We hosted open lines all evening. The main topics were the president's address and the show's debut. We maxed the server out most of the evening (30/30) and took 18 calls in a little under two hours.

Callers: deathalive, Sleeper, crashfourit, Cube Jockey, Wertz, christopher, Eeyore, Stefan Fargus, Renger, Gray Seal, Doclotus, Rancid Uncle, Sean, Titus, crashfourit, Amlord, Jeremy from Florida

Mike Musgrove - Planet Shuffle
Kevin Mark - Big Blue Cadillac
Quincy & the Saints of Somewhere - Fool
Kevroy Potter - When I Get It Right

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