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About Stefan

Stefan Fargus is a regular contributor and participant of America's Debate Radio. Every week he researches, writes, produces, and records Your News Summary, which can be heard before the live broadcast begins.

Age: 31

...on Politics:

I like to avoid labels for myself, and will only say that I'm conservative where it makes sense to be conservative and liberal where it makes sense to be liberal. I'm a huge proponent of personal freedom. As far as I'm concerned, as long as your behavior doesn't harm anyone else, you should always be within the law.

...on Voiceovers:

Currently, my work can be heard in several countries around the world including the US, Great Britain, Canada and The Netherlands. I've done a fair number of commercial spots, PSAs, imaging and narration for both internet and terrestrial broadcasters. I operate a website to peddle my wares -

...on Hobbies:

I enjoy tennis, 10-pin bowling, and pretty much anything to do with computers. I'm an occasional player of the game "Second Life", but I wouldn't call myself fanatical about it.

...on Pets:

I have 3 cats; Miss Kitty who is now 14 years old, Dori and Crush who are both about 2.5 years old. All of them are rescues. Miss Kitty was found tied up in a trash bag with her mother, the rest of the litter and a puppy, having been tossed over an embankment. Miss Kitty was the lone survivor. Dori and Crush were both found in a nearby wooded area in the wintertime huddled together, apparantly abandoned.