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Age: 27

Location: Savannah, Georgia

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...on Politics:

I'm a constitutional conservative, but don't let that scare you. I think that the federal government should perform very few functions, and perform them very well. You can find the list of those functions in the constitution. If you want the federal government to do anything not listed in the Constitution, then you, my friend, are a liberal. That's OK-- so are 95% of the rest of the country's population.

When it really comes down to it, though, I would rather have the federal government keep themselves busy providing defense and other absolute essentials that the states just can't provide. Anything else should go to the states, where the people have a much greater influence on the actions of their government.

I'm going to have to expand on this one for you later. Or, you can just listen to the show to try to figure out if I'm on your side or not.

...on Hobbies:

In my free time (yeah, right), I do lots of stuff. I've played guitar for over a decade now. I like to cook. I enjoy going to the beach, state parks, etc. I like riding my bicycle. I'm an amateur photographer.

...on Talk Radio:

I've been listening to talk radio for a long time. The first time I actually recall paying attention, though, was during the first gulf war. I grew up near Chicago, so I listened to WLS, the Big 89. They had a guy named Bob Lassider. At the time, I listened because I thought he was a major-league prick, but now I realize that he was actually damn good at what he did-- pushing people's buttons.

There are quite a few shows that I like to listen to. The Roe Conn Show (WLS, listen online), Coast to Coast AM (Noory/Bell/Punnett), Glenn Beck, and Neal Boortz are at the top of my listening list these days. I can tolerate Limbaugh. I am annoyed by Hannity and O'reilly. I tune out when Savage or Reagan come on.

...on Music:

I'm a huge blues fan, particularly Buddy Guy and, of course, BB King. I used to be a huge Phish fan, having seen them in concert around thirty times or so. I also like the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and a whole bunch of other music that probably does not seem to mesh well with my political opinions. Oh well, music is strange like that.

...on Pets:

I've got three cats-- Jerry Garcia, Sugaree, and Stella Blue. Jerry is the oldest, and heaviest. Sugaree is middle in age and weight, and has a major attitude problem. Stella is a tiny little thing-- appropriate for the youngest-- who has two speeds: sleep, and run. All three are long-haired. I'm not much of a dog person. They just seem to be too much work.